Hey you guys!


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Hey everyone -- most of you already know who i am

Mary D. -- the part d lady from wyoming :)

I am a 37 year old with 4 teenagers and a broken husband ( as i type i am sitting in the hospital room yet again -- another back surgery )

I love selling insurance!! I love this job!!
I only work with seniors -- I tried the Naa deal, Americo deal etc etc etc -- I was from the older board -- and was educated by Sti -- again -- everyone listen up when an oletimer talks -- i know i am still a newbie to insurance -- since march of 05 -- gosh going on 2 years now!!! I had so many cancellations with Naa -- i was in high debt with my manager -- slowly i switched over to the senior market --- i have never turned back --

Just like talking to your Grandma -- thats the way I go on an appointment -- I have about 600 sets of grandparents here in Wyoming and am adding between 5 and 8 sets a week --- well when im not at the hospital and being a caregiver ( SHOULD OF BOUGHT THE LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE) -- but the military does pay for everything else.

anyways I am here most of the time -- if anyone needs any help with medsups or medadvantage plans, part d and final expense -- just let me know
either email or call me or you could write me :)

I brought a bunch of cards with me to the hospital -- just sending some hey how ya doins out this afternoon... -- never waste time if you arent doing anything else ---

Nice to meet everyone :)

Mary D.
[email protected]
Cheyenne, Wy
Someone did the same thing to me. I set up GreenSky and this thief thought it cute to use Chumps from Oxford. This will definitely confuse people.