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I have not posted here before but I need some assistance please.

I am seeking a policy on myself for Emergency - Hospitalization only.

I don't know what type of plan this is called but I need and want something - should I need to go to the hospital for anything major and / or minor and have to stay overnight, I want to be covered.

Also, is there a policy for ER outpatient and hospital outpatient coupled with inpatient hosptialization or are these 2 seperate policies?

I also seek a reputable company THAT WILL PAY CLAIMS in a timely fashion and is noted as such - where I nor the billing department of the hospital will have to fight with them to pay the bill/s and or claims.

Last, after talking with an agent, I was told if I take a policy with a high deductible, my monthly premiums will be lower.

Is that true? Do any of you advocate such a plan design?

I do not have much experience with health insurance other than Medicare, so your expertise is VALUED SUBSTANTIALLY.

I considerably thank you for your time.
What state are you in?

How old are you?

How is your health? Any meds?

What is your budget?

Give us that info and we can advise.

When you find that hospital only plan, how will you pay the other half of your bills?

There are a few companies that offer hospital only plans, but no one I know would want them once they understand the way large claims (in particular) shake out.

If you look at any carriers books, you will see that about half their claims are due to inpatient procedures, the other half for outpatient.

Once you are discharged from the hospital, your care (and your claims) still continue to rack up. Meds, doc visits, therapy, etc can double the amount charged for the hospital stay.

You would be better off getting a HDHP with HSA for about the same price, possibly less, than a hospital only plan.
Yea... What state are u in.... If Texas, I'll get you anything you need. I suggest an HSA high ded. plan with an accident policy that meets your deductible then if you have any accident you have about met your ded and your only out of pocket expenses would only be for sickness. If price is a concern, jack the ded. up to 10k, at least you wont go bankrupt if you have a claim
Al and Somarco,

I thank you very much for your feedback; I greatly appreciate it and will look into this further based on your information.

Peel, thanks for your suggestions too!