How many appointments do you set a week?


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I'm wondering what you life and health agents are seeing as far as appointments per week.

I'm able to set about 8-12 each week. Granted, this is a mix of worksite and individual, so I'm able to see more than just 8-12 people.

I'm wondering how this compares to you other fellas. I'd really like be able to schedule 15-18, but not more because of my school schedule only allows me to work half days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Any H&L agents hitting those appointment levels? If so, what methods of prospecting are you using?
Face-to-face meetings are not required for any of the dozens (life and health) companies we use. Email, fax or mail work just fine.

Admittedly, a certain select few want to meet in person. But many people are happy to avoid the face-to-face contact.
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My company requires it.
I don't see how one would close a deal on the phone. I just don't see how it happens.

It helps to use web conferencing. You can pick the plan, show a brochure, a video on HSAs, search for their doc in real time to see if he is in network, and I even have scanned copies of my own insurance bills to give examples of network repricing.

Qualify their needs, land them on the right plan, and say one of the following:

"I think we should get the ball rolling to see if we can get you qualified"

"Looks like this is the plan for you, I think we should start your application, how does that sound?"

"While were together right now and since we have found the right plan, whatta ya say we get this over with and get the application taken care of so we can see what the offer comes back at from underwriting."
I very rarely see anyone in person. Maybe one every few months. I don't recommend it.

If the client is within an hour away (Over a million people) I say:

"Great, do you know where my office is?"


"Get a pen and paper"

I give them physical address and give them a visual description so they see them self coming to my office.


They may, after writing this down, ask if there's another way. In which I try to do the app over the phone and fax them signature pages using their credit card.

or internet or fax/postal their app for worst case scenario.

Now I have to check on them :T

If they don't resist:

I call the day prior and say, "Hi , Blank, I'm doing a customary reminder call of our appointment at my office at, blank".

Oh yea, I have a 100% closing ratio at my office. (a few times someone takes the apps but I always close them because I qualify them before the appointment.)
I was always was taught that in the L&H business, you had to "go out and get" business. Which, is what I've been doing since I got into the business. I have had little to no success with trying to get people to come to my office (except to a relative that I sold a small life policy), so I go to a lot of homes, whenever I try to make a sale. All of my companies require a face to face meeting with my client, so telephone or e-mail sales are out. But, it you are doing 8-12 appointments per week, with at least a 1 out of 5 closing ratio, you sound like you are doing okay, at least compared to me (2-4 appointments per week, 1 out of 8 closing ratio, but I'm working on it).