How to get appointed?

I just started my Life, A & S course today. Im in GA and in order to get a license you have to be sponsored by a company to get license. Im interested in health insurance. Do i have to become a captive agent first to get my license or is it possible to be an independant agent with several different companies in my state?
In California you don't have to be "sponsored" by an insurer to receive your license but you do have to be appointed by them to sell their products. So no, you don't have to be captive and you should be able to get your own appointments. I can't imagine it could be that different in GA. Just sit tight there are agents from GA who frequent this board.
American Direct Marketing in Rome Ga. may be able to help. Go . There web site is still under construction but there phone numbers are there. I am sure someone there can give you some info. or you could simply call the Ga. Dept. of Insurance ask for licensing department and someone can probably help. Anyway good luck