How to get Started Selling P&C insurance?

I'm new in the insurance industry, and would to sell P&C insurance. Are there companies that will take someone with no experience? I heard about some insurance companies give you a base salary and will train you. Can you give me some ideas?
Starting out in P&C

Ummm starting out in P&C is no joke. You'll be working for an agent, just like any other company you'll have to sell yourself. It's an uphill battle if you don't have a degree or license. I suggest starting out in a customer service position for p&c to learn products and about the job, no license needed. They'll pay for your license after you prove yourself. It's just like any other entry level position, you start at the ground floor.
I got started without a license and without previous experience. There are companies out there that will train you and pay for you to get licensed. Of course there will probably be a contract that if you quit within a certain amount of time that you will have to pay back the fees.

Look on or or even insurance companies websites for job offers.

Best of luck!
Have anyone hear of Alfac or American Income life Insurance? If so, are they great places to start for training without a license?

I interviewed with a ton of companies and I didn't find any 'great' places for training. I think it all depends on the particualr branch of whatever company you are dealing with.

If you are thinking Aflac, why not give Colonial Life ( a look-see. They have excellent training. I write for them. Again, it will depend on your manager, the team he/she has etc., as well as the business environment in your area. Workplace sups are a 'hard sale' in my area... might be easier in yours.

Farmers - pretty much like many other, throw as many spit wads against the wall and see which ones stick. After all, after youve sold your brother, sister, mother in law, you'll either continue to write biz and make some $$ or you'll leave and they will have more accounts.

I went with Allstate after a short stint with Farmers, why? Because they put up a bunch of cold hard cash to help make it happen. I can respect that. Sometimes wish I was still with them. But they are paranooid control freaks and not everyone can eat &*#! all the time. I like Am Fam, they put up a lot of resources to jump start an office, and I hear the training at Liberty Mutual if your into comml is outstanding.