IMO/FMO’s that provide free leads

Hi. Does anyone know if there are any IMO/FMO’s out there that provide free leads at a reduced commission, but still fair, or free live transfers for telesales no door to door or zoom?
My agency has a "free lead program with reduced commissions". The leads will be live transfers from people calling the TV commercial....leads just 30 sec old. You can't find a fresher lead anywhere. The platform will be telesales.

We were the first group in the nation to start FE telesales, over a decade before other carriers were forced to because of covid. That was 2004. We have some of the best telesales training in the nation. Great field training too.

We also don't just contract anyone. You and anyone else is welcome to call me for a phone interview @ 252-292-3350...Greg. I'm in the eastern standard time zone.
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