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He says you can earn $10,000 to $30,000 per month working less than 40 hours a week.

I couldn't afford the pay cut. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do you think he really believes that agents believe that sort of stuff?

I worked for a GM when I first started selling insurance who ran an ad in the paper that said, "Show Me the Money! $150,000.00 first year commissions." I told him I wanted one of those jobs.
I saw the title and thought it was about sports.....and sporting goods.....because I looking for a good pair of wrist pads.....

Look everyone, stop looking for "systems" and all that other bullshit. Get leads, call clients, make sales. Here - I did a screenshot of my Assurant commissions today - $2,700 last week, $3,800 this week so far. No "system" - no anything. Get leads, call clients, sign up online. It's not rocket science.

Yes, the proof is in the pudding. Which is why I watch taking advice from people who struggle to put in $100,000 of volume a year yet tout a "system."

You are like the lone tree in the forest. Unfortunately, those that get into the business through the Non-insurance companies (NAA, Mega, etc.) are sucked into the "system" selling crap.

I agree with you 100%.
Well, here's what I finalized at. In order for me to have actually walked with $4,800 I would have needed to write about $50,000 in AV for the week. Not likely. And even IF I happened to write $50,000 for the week with Mega it would have entailed me driving around literally all day and night. I did this in jeans in my home office. Oh - and this will actually stay on the books.

I also won't be in the habit of posting my commissions, however I got an email from a Mega agent that basically called me out - claimed I'm a fraud, don't make any money, failed at Mega and now I've failed as a broker. So at least now that person can feel like a complete retard.

I've visited Lew's site and was intrigued by it early on. There is no way I would ever sign up for his $50 per month web site. If anything, I would be more likely to spend several hundred on a comprehensive sales program.

There are two ways to look at this. For starters, you can probably learn 97% of what is in the program by picking up 20 books on marketing or sales (although 20 books is about the same cost as a fancy program) and if you had the discipline to read them all and could implement the advice you would be ahead to go that route. I don't knock that line of reasoning at all. The problem for some people (not all) is that many don't have the discipline and resolve to do it. They would rather spend far more for a magic course in a box. If they make a few more sales in a year from something learned in the course was it worth spending the few hundred bucks? Simple math tells us it is, if it is something they would have never thought of or stumbled onto in a reasonable time frame otherwise. What is the percentage of people that get great results working out on their home multi-gym machine they bought at a Sears New Year's sale (for the New Years resolution) versus that of people that pay far more for a personal trainer? Everyone knows the answer. Some people need a guru to hold them by the hand. Maybe they don't NEED the guru, but if they so much as truly believe they do...they do!

As a person with mediocre "sales" skills at best, I have been intrigued by Lew's claim of a closing system he uses to close 9 out of 10 sales. I find it hard to believe than an agent can sell something to 9 out of 10 appointments, sleep at night, and have it stay on the books. However, if it even took an agent from 3 out of 10 to 3.5 out of 10, it would pay for itself in time. The bottom line is if I knew a handful of other agents in my office that wanted to go together and purchase his closing system, I would probably bite, but I find it hard to justify being the guinea pig myself.
You nailed it right on the head. Most people can read all the books they want and buy all the courses available, but they fail because they don't work. There are too many agents working part-time hours looking for full-time pay.