Insurance Professionals working alongside Financial Planners

I'm a Financial Planner and needed to start offloading my insurance work to agents that I trust. Figuring this partnership out has been challenging but I ended up working with people that I know and trust in my state. Along the way, I figured out how to give my insurance partners a portion of the client AUM fee that I charge. Now we can both share in the profit for deeply serving a family (Which I happen to think is the best way).Now I'm moving into some other states and would love some advice on how to choose those partners?
1.What do you think makes the best agent characteristics (The ones I work with in my state are people that I know and trust already)
2. Where are the best places (independent owners or people on a downline?) to find agents to have legitimate conversations?​

Really appreciate all the help!

While I haven't read the entire thread, simply based upon the above, if the current business model is working, don't re-invent it. Meaning, first, you should see if your current insurance partners have a borderless practice. Ideally, they would have a national practice. If they don't, being that they are "partners" both of you should look into expanding the current business model and it's geographic limitations, as those limitations are not anywhere near as restrictive and onerous as they used to be. Second, if your current partners cannot accommodate, then consider allowing them to find new partners. They are more qualified to vet fellow insurance professionals than you are. At least have them involved in the process. Lastly, perhaps your business model has matured, plateaued, and it is time to find new partners.

Independent of the above, you'll have to avoid insurance professionals who are also B-D limited as to sharing fees. Good luck and all the best!