Internet Leads...What to do?


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What do you guys do with the internet leads that are chronic no contacts, already bought, no longer interested and etc. Do you type them into your CRM and put them in a tickler file for future contact, do you drip emails to them or do you round file them?

I have been typing these leads into my CRM and set them up for a 6 month call back and I am thinking about using Constant Contact to drip follow up emails to them. I cant help to think as I am typing some of these leads into my ACT CRM that I am wasting my time.

Any thoughts on this?

Al D.
I keep most leads active for 15-30 days. After that they go on my Constant Contact list.

Leads that I have actually talked to and seem genuine stay in my active file for up to 60 days before going into CC with an occasional follow up every 90 days or so.

After 6 - 8 months I drop them off completely.

In the interim, everyone gets a proposal when the lead comes in based on the info. I will send out 2 more proposals at 30 days & 60 days for those I have not talked to. Semi-active leads (where a conversation was documented) will get 2 - 3 more proposals over 60 - 90 days.

I find these laggards will eventually contact me, sometimes 6 months later, and buy. (Not all of them, but a few that makes it worthwhile). I have had some contact me after a year and bought.

You never know what is going thru their mind.
"After 6 - 8 months I drop them off completely."

That's essentially what I do. But I am strongly considering sending out one final email approximately 11 months from the date the lead originally was purchased. I figure by that time, they have just received their one-year renewal billing (for those that bought ind. policies that is).

What do you think Som?
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I don't see any harm. I have followed up with year old leads before and picked up an app from time to time. That was when I was buying fewer leads than now. Had to milk what I had for all it was worth.

Make a call. Send an email. All they can do is ignore you or say no and you are no worse off than you were 11 months earlier.
Hello everyone! I am new to the board . Any suggestions on how to grow your business? Where are good leads available? What is easier to sell life or health?

No volume from the two lead sources I have right now. Probably the "get out of school slowdown".

I am only calling a lead 2 to 3 times. I need to get better.
Here's a post I just did:

I took 5 agents and gave them old leads, about 150 each for the state they were in (I have about 9000).

These leads were anywhere from 6 to 15 months old.

Can you guess what happened?

People bought, agents sold.

Defies logic doesn't it?
Wow Rob... talk about breathing life into an old thread... I originnally posted this almost a year ago.
Wow Rob... talk about breathing life into an old thread... I originnally posted this almost a year ago.

I wasn't here a year ago!!! LOL

And yet they still don't get it, go figure.
Never let anyone off of your list, especially your email list.
unless they ask to be removed.
needs change, and it costs you nothing to email them,
if that is monthly, or every 6 months.
Always give them information that is useful and educational.
You will gain their trust and respect.