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There has been alot of talk about buying internet leads. Can some of the more experienced agents give me an idea of who has good leads and who doesn't? Thanks
NQ has overpriced and low quality health leads. Their other leads may be worthwhile, but pure junk health leads.
I used to be a big buyer of NetQuote leads. But within the last few years, new ownership took over, prices increased and quality has suffered.

They still refuse to filter out disabled persons from their health leads.
My experience with internet leads is that the quality is regional, regardless of the company you purchase them from. I've had people tell me that net-quote leads are the best, and personally, I've found netquote and insureme to be some of the highest priced, and lowest close ratio leads around. Now, I will say that usually the information is higher quality.

Don't confuse quality of information with ability to close though. If the same lead is sold 7 times, you have a lot more competition than if it's only you and one other agent. I used to buy some shared leads, but I was pretty sure I was the only agent getting them, and I had a pretty high close ratio. They changed the system, and other agents started getting the leads, my closing ratio dropped. Same leads, same company, just they started selling them to more agents, and I wasn't the first to call in most cases.

Also, don't assume that just because someone puts information into a quote form on the internet that they really want to buy. My experience is that only maybe a 1/3 actually buy something, the other 2/3rds are kicking tires, looking for that plan that pays them for taking the product, or just diagnosed with diabetes and looking for health insurance.

My advice: start with one, try it out, then go to the next. Find one that works for you, stick with it till something changes, then go to the next. You'll spend thousands of dollars on leads, with no guarantee of a return. It's up to you on how hard you work the leads, and if you treat people right, you'll make some money.

Agents should be far less concerned with their per-lead price and more concerned with what it costs to get a client. If you're paying $6 a lead and closing 1 out of 20 leads a client is costing you $120.

What if you close 1 out of 8 leads at $15? Same cost per deal but half the effort is the lead is a higher quality. I really don't care if a lead is $25 if I'm closing 1 out of 4.
I was going through all my old leads today transferring them into my new contact system and eventually hit my Prospect Zone leads. I was getting their leads briefly last year for about a month, I kept on seeing in the comments box where I typed something about the client.....@#&^$@, @*$^#, @*$&*), @(@#$&. That's how good those leads were!! I've never been screamed at more in my life! Probably why I stopped getting those crappy leads. You bet though I will be sending them emails here shortly, never know, maybe they were having a bad day, or bad life!!
I have mentioned a few times on this Forum that Prospect Zone leads are HORRIBLE. I have DEFINITIVE proof that they resell leads within a few days of when you receive them.

WARNING: Prospect Zone leads may be hazerdous to your profit margin.