Internet speed / Leads


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This may be an incredibly stupid question, but I am not a computer whiz.

If a lead company sends the information to 4 agents.
Will the guy with the fastest internet connection get the lead first.
If so, will there be an appreciable time difference.
Or does it have to do with which service you use for email.

The reason I am asking is recently I have noticed that a lot of the calls I am making are resulting in a busy signal, or straight to voicemail after the first one or two rings.
If you're using Outlook, check to make sure it scans for new messages often. I have mine set to scan every minute. I've spoken with several agents who POP in their email to Outlook however have defaulted settings that scans for new messages once every 10 or 15 minutes.

Also remember call centers are using dialing software - the second they get the lead it goes in cue and when an agent is available it automatically calls the number.

I'm using LeadPod now and it's solves the issue of who gets it first - I do now since they use the same predictive software and I can beat the call centers since I'm always available, never in cue. I've run some test leads to confirm that LeadPod beats the call centers.

Aside from that, avoid free email accounts such as Yahoo or Hotmail which can store emails on servers and create delays.
other than that I'd need to keep my email account open all day in a browser - it's easier for me to have Outlook. I'd also have to refresh my browser if I was in my Comcast account to make sure I was getting the emails in real time. I have several email addresses and I'd have to check all of them individually. Now I just POP 'em all into Outlook.
There are other factors as well.

Your ISP may collect emails and batch them out, especially if (like mine) you have spam or AV filters.

I quit trying to compete with the phone mills and really don't care if I am the first in or not. The way I work my leads and clients is not reliant on being the first in the door.