Investors Financial Group(IFG) looks similar to NAA


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I came across this company while searching for a job and it looks very similar to NAA. I was wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with this company or if anybody had any comments about them. Here is the link

I am trying to get into the insurance business after a career in IT sales and not having very much luck with the companies I am interviewing with or have interest in. It seems all of them except for Union Bankers (a Burial Insurance and MA company) have negative comments posted about the company or management.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx.
I'm a newbie and had looked into NAA and IFG both came up with alot of negative feedback and steered clear. I've been looking since back before Christmas and I think I finally came across a decent company, Physicians Mutual, haven't found alot of negative feedback as of yet and they really seem to have some really good products. The thing that sold me on them is they are very family oriented and seem to care about the individual and not just the bottom line. Now I'm just a newbie so I could just be to trusting but had a good feeling when I walked out of the office. Hope this helps some and hopefully everyone else will jump in and give there 2 cents worth.
Thanks Roger for your input. Just curious, but where did you find your information out about IFG being negative because I have googled and searched everywhere on the net trying to find something but could not find even a blurb mentioned about them.

I will give Physicians a look too. Thx.
If I remember right I checked it out on, but like you said in your original post IFG and NAA seemed to be alot alike, when I talked to both basically got the same pitch. Didn't like the idea of being totally on my own just learning the business, sounded like all your support was over the phone or on the internet. Just didn't seem like they were out to help you get ahead, seemed like you are disposable. Now I could be totally off base, but after talking to them and checking out reviews of each company just didn't seem like a good fit for me.
Well open mouth insert foot, guess it wasn't on RipOffReport, but I came up with it somewhere and when I remember I'll get back to you. Maybe it was a previous name or something along those lines, don't want to give you misinformation. Good luck let me know what you come up with.
Thanks Roger. I am suppose to talk with IFG and Union Bankers next week and will post my thoughts on both.

BTW, it seems like maybe you talked with quite a few companies before settling on Physicians; did you have a chance to speak with Union Bankers or Senior Life Services? Also, with IFG it seemed to be a strictly home-based job, did you find out if there are actual sales quotas and weekly/monthly meetings you attend or just completely on your own?
Seems like I did check out Union Bankers and they didn't seem to bad, just didn't have any opportunities where I live. IFG was strictly on your own, they didn't even have a manager close to me and that really set off red flags and I think some of the posts I'd read on here may have given me the idea that there are some pretty stiff quotas you have to meet or your done. Between the two, NAA and IFG, IFG sounded a little better, it just came down to the lack of support that really turned me away. Well keep digging, you'll find your niche, I almost gave up, but stuck with it and thanks alot to everyone who posts on here I was able to come up with something I think I'm gonna like.
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