Is this Covered by Standard Auto Insurance?

As already stated by numerous posts, not sudden, accidental or out of the blue. It was intentional. The Farmer should have considered Flood Insurance from NFIP.
I realize that. However, finding the same video feed on Twitter which showed his main residence and property inundated with water from the levy break. I assume that he made the decision to sacrifice his pick up truck in an attempt to save or at least preserve his property from flood waters rushing in from the levy.
Flood insurance would not have done anything for his pistachio trees and or crops. However, I assumed that picture in shown in Twitter was his residence. If there were two or more acres covered by water that would trigger coverage for Flood Insurance and his residence and personal belongings would be covered.
No, never this type of stupidity is not covered under standard auto insurance, In video clearly shows you intentionally damaged your vehicle, If there is a flood in that area you can call emergency services their law and order came to help in that situation, but you came like a superhero and throw your car to save the flood situation just like avengers.

Even if you can't prove that these things happened in a natural way, as this video clearly shows what actually happens, This makes your driving records even worse next time you apply for insurance I think the company not consider you because it is an act of fraud and even you can face legal charges also.

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