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Is this Covered by Standard Auto Insurance?

Flood insurance would not have done anything for his pistachio trees and or crops. However, I assumed that picture in shown in Twitter was his residence. If there were two or more acres covered by water that would trigger coverage for Flood Insurance and his residence and personal belongings would be covered.
Check the language in any food policy.
it is an act of fraud

One more time. Reporting a claim because you think there is coverage is not fraud. If it was, then hundreds, maybe thousands, of my insureds would be in jail.

A few examples of what insurance fraud is.

Burning down your own building.
Faking an injury when there isn't one.
Claiming loss of property that you never had.
Leaving your car in a parking lot with the keys in and the windows open, hoping somebody will steal it so you can collect.
Faking one's death so a beneficiary collects on life insurance.
Lying on an insurance application to get a policy that one wouldn't ordinarily qualify for.

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