Leaving your business card.

Frank Stastny

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When I first started selling insurance I use to leave my business card with everyone I went to see I'm sure all of the rest of you do the same. You may even staple it to information you leave.

It dawned on me, that after I leave they probably put it in a drawer, lay it on the table with other papers and eventually it is going to get lost along with anything else I leave with the prospect or new client. If not lost, put in a very safe place, a place so safe that now they can't even find it.

I bought a box of manila folders and now staple my business card to the front of it. I also print my name and toll-free number on the folder even though it is on my card so it is easier to see and read. I bought a stack of magnets that are made to stick a business card on and give them one to put on their refrigerator.

I have been in a clients home several years after selling them their initial policy and my card is still on the refrigerator.

The most prominent part of my card, and at the top, says "Your Insurance Agent", then my name and the rest of the contact information. My "title" is "Your Insurance Agent" and I have that on all the correspondence I send as well. When they look at the card the first thing they see is, "Your Insurance Agent". Remember, I sell to seniors.

The folder with my card on it is going to be a lot harder to lose than just the card by itself. It also keeps any information I leave with them in a convenient place where they can find it and they are less likely to throw the info away.

I tell them that this is their insurance folder and years later I have gone back and they still have the folder and all of their insurance information is in the folder, even their P&C information.
That is great marketing. Humana has folders that you can leave all their info in, with a spot for your card. I always bring one in to every appointment.

I also leave magnets behind. I too have found that they will put them on the fridge and they stay there.
anyone make calendars to put on refrigerators? seems like the seniors like the one's with the big blocks that are real legible. Your name and info. will be at the top and every year they will call you for their calendar and it gives you a chance to review their insurance.
Frank - this is SO funny, becuase just last night - I was working on this very idea. A magnet with... "Your Insurance Agent". I was slightly modifying my business card to be more of a quick reference.

The folder idea is WONDERFUL - I may have to borrow it. Of course, I guess if you didn't want it borrowed, you would have kept it secret. lol.

I love being able to benefit (as a newbie) from the seasoned agents here! It's like having 50 mentors. So...THANKS! :)
Johnrocks - thats a great one too - you could even add on there - "call me in Novemember for your 2008 calendar"
That's great to really seal the deal also. Not a lot of agents are going to be unethical during the sale yet leave the client with a quick permanent reminder of how to contact them. Most agents recommending bad products hope the client loses their number.

I use my newletter as a closing tool. When I'm talking about my services I say they'll go on my monthly newletter so we can stay on contact touch. It helps. The mindset is:

"Well it's pretty hard for him to recommend a bad product if he's gonna send me a monthly newletter."
Mr. Stan,

No worries mate, the idea wasn't original with me.

It is one of the things I got out of the two hours of training I received when I first started selling insurance.

About the only thing that was of real value to me.