Let's talk shop

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the Insurance business. I am an independent broker in Louisiana and I have great companies that I work with. I like everyone else is going through the valley of "Where can I find good leads?" I am currently signed up with Netquote and InsureME. InsureME isn't too hot in Louisiana but I do alright with netquote. My main complaint is their credit policy kinda stinks. I have also ordered Telemarketing leads from LSI and Lead Portal. LSI is OK if you can get a hold of them and Lead Portal, while my mother has had good luck with them, the ones I get seem to be overweight, diabetes, brain tumor etc. I would like to buy some TM Leads that are half way decent. Any suggestions? I have also started advertising in our local paper and making flyers for the grocery store. Do any of you veterans have some advice on how to get my name out there so I can sell more product. My biggest hurdle I guess is when I encounter voicemail. How do I leave a message without deceiving them to get them to return my call. I've tried : " Hey X, this is Randee calling about possibly doing some work with you, give me a call at X." It works ok but I'd be happy to take critiques or a message that works better.

Thanks in advance for your help!
I've read this forum and while it discusses internet leads, that's not really what I"m looking for. In my post I stated I already use internet leads but would like to find some Telemarketing (TM) leads and some advice on advertising and such.

Thanks for responding!