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licensed CSR want own business



Hi all, I need help. I am a licensed CSR and I want to start my own business. How? I live in a town of a little over 20,000 people in NM. What does it take to get started besides a building, equipment ? There isn't much as far as competition around. Your info would help me with my decision.
Not to many P&C agents on here, but you might want to try insurancejournal.com . Thats probably more towards what you're looking for. Also, if you're just getting your CSR license, its gonna be hard to start from scratch not knowing much about the business. I suggest you find a local agency, even not so local since your town is small and work in an office for a couple of months. You'll learn a lot. I actually have my CSR. I was curious about the business when I was younger, and I worked in an office for a couple of months. I asked tons of questions, and learned a lot, but realized it wasn't for me. Check out the website, and inquire there.