Life Insurance... What is your flavor?


OK here it goes...

I am a P&C Agent, but I really want to boost up my life this year. Recently in a Variable Seminar that I attended an interesting idea was brought up.

The speaker mentioned that most of the time, most agents sell mainly 1 type of Life Insurance or another. Obviously we will all sell term and perm, but they pointed out that most people stuck to 1 product past that.

For instance some of the agents relied on Whole Life, while others were UL, and even others VUL.......

Here is my question:

Do you notice this sort of pattern in your life sales?

If so the speaker mentioned that this has to do with basic human tendencies of doing whats convertible, what we know.

I am sure that many of you here are having the same problem, and we seem to get people asking on this board all of the time how they can increase their production.

Please post the following:

Do you lean on one type of product, if so why? Do you not understand other products?

If you do like to sell 1 type Whole, UL etc. why do you focus on this product?

Maybe if we all take a moment to look at our production for 2007 we may too see the same patterns? If so for 2008 maybe we can try to become more comfortable with another product? We can also all share some of the reasons why we are or not selling a certain product. I am sure that many people here will have the same reasons and we may all learn something.

I am sorry if I have caused anyone to think on this great weekend.

I am glad to see that there is someone that will even admit to selling VUL.

I think that it is a wonderful product (For the right client, right reasons) and most people do not understand it, or use it wrong which in turn gives it a bad rap.

When properly funded, and when using the right product it can do things no other product can.

Thanks for the reply!

I prefer old fashioned participating whole life. My preferred carrier has five different flavors of whole life. (For instance, last week I converted 100,000 of a 1,000,000 term. Customer had the option of roughly 990.00 annual premium or 2388.00 annual premium. He chose the latter because it's guaranteed paid up at 65, and potentially much higher dividends.) When WL is not the right product at the right time I use term. I start talking about converting to WL before I complete the term sale.

I focus on WL because people can easily understand it.
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Second person to answer, and second person to give the option of Term, or 1 perm option.

My questoin:

Is it easier for the client, or is it easier for you to understand?

Even if they do not want to risk anything with a VUL, would a UL do just as good, or even better in some of those situations?

Again, just trying to get the conversation rolling. I am in no way a life expert.

I am a Multi-Line Agent with a very well know and very respected company.

At the same time, I am very "system" orienated and am always looking for ways to improve my ROI.

Being a multi-line agent my ROI is just not sales, but also happy customers properly placed as they will stay much longer.

If you were infering that I am connected to one of those MLM's the answer is no. I hope that I did not come off that way, but I am sure that not everyone can understand what I am trying to get at.

Maybe it is too deep for a initial post. I will look for other oppurtinities to go further into my question in the future.

And like I mentioned I am not trying to be a ass to anyone. I am here for one reason, and this is to learn and grow. Well 2 reasons, that is learn, grow, and help others.

Wait that is 3.

At any rate, I think that I have probally met my quota today for posts.

Thanks for playing>

Actually...I thought you might work for Northwestern Life (known as the "quiet company.") And of course...your name!

Northwestern has some funky products, but they are a respected company. I don't think their agents churn as much business as they used to. Now management is on their a** to document like crazy if it is a replacement.

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