Medicare Marketing Guidelines


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I have a copy of the Medicare Marketing Guidelines for MA, MAPD and Part D plans.

The PDF is too large to attach to this post (179 pages).

If you would like a copy, let me know!
Am I bound by the CMS guidelines if the "clients" I'm telemarketing to are
facility owner\operators where the senior prospects live\play? I don't have any names of the seniors, only names and tel#s of the facility owners\operators. My plan is to call these owner\operators and try to set an appointment to visit their facility to introduce some Medicare products (MAdvantage plans, etc) and see if any of their senior residents may qualify\benefit. Senior doesn't have to be present as I sense these owner\operators have a very detailed understanding of their seniors' health situation. I'd like to bring a brief 1-page flyer highlighting the benefits of the Medicare product which is CMS approved to this initial appointment with the operator, but "modify" the flyer by only putting my tel# on it for contact purposes and no reference to the HMO organization name nor to CMS approval. After the owner\operator has read that brief flyer and seems ready to allow a presentation in front of the group, I'd then contact the HMO directly so they could make a presentation\bring enrollment apps. Basically, my function\role seems to be that of a "referring broker". Thus, am I ok to create my own MA flyer if the intended audience is a facility operator, and not the senior enrollee?
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When marketing to non seniors (like pharmacists, homes, etc) I have used my own materials non CMS approved. As long as you put a disclaimer that it is not for public use and not to be distributed you should be ok. That is what I did when I was with Humana.
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Well, Mr/Mrs./Ms/Mr&Mrs,

First of you need to contact/communicate to a FMO/IMO to see what companies you can/may want to write/contract with to offer your clients/prospects in the OH area/market. What market/segment are you going to be dealing/selling in? Will it be senior/finalexpense or Major med/ Life? Or will you be doing P&C/life?

D you really need/have to use 2 words to explain/describe what you are saying/typing?
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I don't want to discredit any member on this forum b/c you all have something of great value that you bring to the table and I mean this wholeheartedly and always appreciate the feedback you all bring; but I got word tonight b/c I was pondering the same thing raised by the origianl poster and yes, you do have to have a CMS approved flyer.. materials... if you will.

Proceed with caution if you do not. Btw, I do have credible sources that I choose to not disclose so please do not ask.

Don't forget, this is www ---- you never know who is reading on here and how you can be tracked.

Just my 2 cents...
Honest makes a good point in that if that flier makes it to the public, I am sure that CMS would still hold you accountable for the content.

So, do this at your own risk. The fliers that I had out there were at a few pharmacies where the they posted them out of the view of the general public.