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Misinformation? update on 12/25 topic


Spoke to an AZDOI investigator today. Everything I was told about BCBS by the MGA sales manager was incorrect. We already know that. BCBS is registered as a service organization and are regulated by the DOI. Said manager stated that the insured has no recourse through the DOI with BCBS. The investigator suggested it might just be a training problem that needs correcting. When informed that the manager has 20 years in the business he was all over it. I did not give him the name of agency. He did disclose my options as to making an anonymous complaint. Not just yet.
File the complaint. This guy is harming the business and reputation of Blue Cross to enrich himself. He knows what he's doing is wrong yet he counts on everyone to be a sissy when they find out about it and do nothing.

Let's put it this way - if someone was spreading lies about you as an agent would you do something about it?
John, you are right. A complaint will be filed with the DOI and it won't be anonymous. They would easily figure it out since I spoke up. At the least it will put them on the DOI radar. My integrity will not be compromised. They have had my Assurant contract for 6 months and I can't write for almost another 3 months to get my GA back. BCBS of AZ is running a promontion of $100 for each app until Feb 28.
Not true. You work through your RSD and say you no longer want to be under this bonehead and if you're not released you'll just write with other companies. He'll have you released in a day.
I had my GA under the RSD and gave it up to become an agent at the MGA. Is the MGA under the RSD? Does the RSD had ultimate control over my appointment?
By the way, when mentioned to the evil manager that there is a wealth of knowledge available on this forum he advised me to stay off the internet. Gee, I wonder why?
All you really need to do in contact Assurant and say that without getting into it you simply no longer want to be under your MGA. Assurant is after sales and if you convey that you won't be selling any Assurant plans if you remain under that MGA then you'll be released. Your MGA would actually have to fight to keep you and why would he when he knows you no longer want to be with him.
To prepare myself: what would/could this agency (guys with plenty of money) attempt to do to make my life miserable? Would they try to bog me down with a frivolous lawsuit? It is neccesary to do the right thing but this is where an agent could sissy out. My license and reputation are thusfar untarnished.
This is great. An AZDOI investigator stated that without documentation it's just the manager's word against mine and there is nothing they can do. They need documentation to begin an investigation. I figured as much. The MGA has been at this a long time.
Listen, just blow out from under him. Unfortunately this means you'll have to have an uncomfortable conversation with your MGA. You'll have to say that you simply want to be released. When he askes why just bottom line him and say you don't agree with his training, you don't want to really get into but you'd just like to be released. Chances are that unless you're some huge producer under him he'll just let you go.
Nope. They say that since I was advanced commision they would lose $ if I replaced the business so they won't release me until required to do so. Assurant RSD is out sick today but the office manager indicated there might be something they can do. The MGA is a huge producer who has clout.