Misinformation? update on 12/25 topic

They lied. That would only pertain if they themselves advanced you. If you're getting a direct advance from Assurant as long as your account isn't negative you can leave. After all, you can leave after 6 months without even notifiying them and you still have 6 more months to go on earning the advance, right?

Listen, this just depends on your personality. If you really don't want the dog fight just write under them until 6 months is up. If you don't care about the dog fight tell your MGA that you can't stand his ethics and hell or high water you'll get moved from under him even if you have to complain to the CEO of Assurant about his training tactics.

I can't tell you to do that nor can I tell you what the end result would be. That's up to you.
John, thanks for all your help. OK, that's it. The MGA advanced comm directly one week after turn in. It wasn't too bad a deal. Start out at 17% w/phone room leads. (You go to 19% after 13 weeks of average 9K AV) Advance 12% with the other 5% held back and paid over 12 months. (Same 5% held back when you earn 19%) Additionally, 25% of the 12% advance held back until $2000 reached for policies that don't issue and cancellations. Basically, at 17% you receive 144% of one month premium one week after turn in. Some agents consistantly turn in 15-25K AV every week and I've seen over 30K. I'm no superstar. Phone room leads did get to the home-based businesses that I wouldn't get to walk into. I have $ built almost to that $2000 but they try to put you out of business if you leave. I could've survived there if not for the lying. I tried to ignore it but it was wrecking my attitude. They think I'm still on vacation.
Well, then you're screwed unfortunately. If the MGA advaced you directly then he's on the hook for chargebacks and you'll never blow out from under him until your 6 months is up - not ever the higher-ups at Assurant would be able to help. Heck, you might not even have a contact with Assurant. No doubt you're in a tough spot.

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