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Submitted a lead for credit today. A lady I have been trying to reach for almost two weeks. Several emails & phone messages. No response.

Hometown Quotes refused to credit the lead (which is not their norm for leads you cannot reach). Instead, I receive the following email.

Hi Bob,

We just wanted to let you know that we reviewed your credit request for lead 870073 for Xxx Xxxxxx.

We were able to speak with Xxxx just now, and she was interested in buying insurance. She told me that you can reach her anytime today or tomorrow, and that her and her husband will hopefully be making a decision sometime next week. I hope this pans out well for you! You can still call her at (770) 999-9999.

As always, if you ever need anything, do not hesitate to call on us!

Best Wishes,

Paul Cuiffo

The email came in at 3:43PM and I called her at 3:50PM. She explained that she did not respond to anyone because she was overwhelmed with the number of calls. She did appreciate the call from HTQ and did remember my emails.

We talked for about 10 minutes where I gathered some information to update her quote. She was very interested in my suggestions and asked me to call back next Tuesday.

I believe this is a sale. Even if it isn't at least I am a step closer than before thanks to Paul & the outstanding service at HTQ.
I received 10 free leads from HTQ this Summer. For the most part, I was satisfied, and I'll probably sign up with them soon. Of course, I still don't like the fact that they offer "Instant quotes" to EHEALTH when they are telling them what agents will be calling. But I guess everyone is doing that.
they at least, seem reasonable to work with.

The leads coming from them seem to be a little better as well than netquote. Netquote gave me more volume, but most of that volume was garbage reducing my return.
Anyone can pump out volume. If you don't care about quality, use NQ, Leadco and others.
I have mixed emotions about Leadco. Their owner (Stacey) is very accessible and you can talk to him any time. And my ROI is very good with them compared to some of the other lead companies. But...they ask very few medical questions on their site and after the prospect completes the questions, they are IMMEDIATELY sent to EHEALTH (without even asking).

Stacey says he does that because otherwise, they will go to a different site to get that "instant quote."
HTQ will lock out your account if you tell them the truth - that their leads are junk and oversold, I do believe they are pre populating EHEALTH as well.

I will be taking this matter further I feel I was clearly ripped off and not given any resolution.

Make your own decision - I would avoid them.
lead services are both good and bad, depending on who punches the stuff in. I have done well with a few and wasted some money with some others.... doesn't matter what their names are as your mileage will vary...
This is not my first "rodeo" with respect to lead companies, I've experience fictitious leads, bogus leads, ineligible leads, and uncontactable leads as I've run the gauntlet of the web lead landscape.I'm not unrealistic but neither am I a fool. Can I get a few recommendations as to the fairest quality lead companies out there? Thanks in advance. Kevin