Need Advice


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Hello to all, I am an ex-life & health insurance agent. I was in the business about 5 yrs ago but left. I was a captive agent with a company back then. Well, I'm very seriously thinking about going back into the business as an independent agent offering life, health, home, and auto insurance.

I plan to do this on the side because right now I can't afford to quit my day job, but hope to once the money starts on more stable grounds with the insurance.

1. Which companies would be best for me to contract with as an independent agent that offers life, health, home, and auto insurance?

2. And what is the e&o insurance good for? And will I need it as an independent agent?

I plan to work from my home once I get my licensed back because afford to open an office right now. But thought maybe I might after so long. If anyone could give me some advice of any sort concerning re-entering the business, it would be greatly appreciated.