Need Help With The Next Step

Hi everyone, I need some advice even after reading the great threads here on how to get started. Been in sales for a few years and just received my Health license, but haven't bought e&o yet. Went through Aflac's "training" and haven't signed any paperwork with them.

I'm in Maryland. Do you have any recommendations for getting appointed? I'd like to start off as an independent, unless it's not a good idea. What would a broker would do? I'd rather do this on my own as much as possible, but do believe in training.

What's next?

What would a broker would do?

Probably put everything under his name, write you a check for "your part of the commission" and keep a whole bunch of it for himself.

A broker may even want to charge you for office space, office "support" and use of the telephone.

That's what an insurance agency can do for you. Maybe not all, but be very careful who you sign up with.

Starting out with no experience as an independent can be real tough. Organization is a key factor to look at. Learning how to prospect is another as well as having enough knowledge and experience to handle objections.

A lot of agents are great at selling but they totally drop the ball during the close. If you don't learn how to close it doesn't matter how good you are at selling.

Call me if I can help.
In MD you can go direct with Golden Rule, Aetna, Assurant, Celtic and Coventry. You'll need a brokerage for Carefirst but email me and I have a good recommendation.