New Agent - anyone know anything about UAFC


I have been contacted by a local agent representing Universal American Financial Corporation. They market to the senior market. Products are from Pyramid Life, and others. Supposedly Fortune listed them as a top 100 fastest growing company in 2005. They are on the Nasdaq under symbol UHCO. They definitely seem to be a leader in the field. Can anyone provide some insight on this company from personal experience or otherwise???


Check the SEC filings. :D They in hot water a year a go. It may still be going on. They were over inflating the stock prices or something. I used to work for them. Senior Benefits(GASB) is by far a better place to work than Senior Solutions ( UAFC). Either one will get you good training. YOu should contct both of those places in TX and see which one you like better. I personally liked GASB better. My GASB contract vested 100% after 2 yrs. It takes at least 10 yrs with UAFC to be completely vested.

I also heard Pyramid is having financial trouble. Can anyone verify that? An agent told me that they were having problems paying thier career agents. I have no idea if that is true.
I can't find the site right now either. It used to be Ceres Senior Benefits. It was bought out this years by Great American. They have ads in the SMA( senior market advisor). The home office number is 1-800-284-2898.
They have about 6 different companies for Med Supps and they also try to get you to sign contracts outside of the regular Great American Family of companies which I would not do unless you absolutely have to. This place can be a greaplace to work for depending on the office you work out of.