New Life Insurance Agent in Virginia


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I'm taking my life & annunity test on Monday. I'm hoping to sell life insurance. Anybody have a list of brokers hiring agents? I'm not sure how the process works. I pass the test, I apply for license, I join a broker and I starting selling? I'm in Northern Virgina. Any feedback with guidance and advice would help.
I just wanted to welcome you, since I see you have not gotten in responses. I just received my license as well, in life, health and annuities. I am looking for any advice on selling health in Virginia. I am in Richmond.
You can go to one of the large captives and train a while, they usually have fairly good training, but are captive, meaning you only sell their products. Or, broker from home or your office, a lot less training and support. For a newbie, the failure rate is fairly high, to be honest. You are asking about the good brokers to work for in Virginia, I dunno, I'm in TX.
I just checked careerbuilder in richmond and AGLA is hiring, if you want to go to a large captive and get trained, that's a good one, usually. Depends on the office and mgr , etc.
Although I think an independent agency is the way to go, I think Metlife was a great starting place for me. They have good training, and a I understand the Northern Virginia office is a nice place to work.