New Years Goals


Yep they sure do. And, I do consider it a compliment. If you only knew me "back when" you would know how much of a compliment it really is.

When I build something I tend to "over design" it, put in more time than is probably necessary and make it a lot stornger than it needs to be. I built some horse stalls this summer and when my two boys looked at them they just shook their heads. They told me I could keep elephants in those stalls.

Before starting to sell insurance had a job where others kept everything organized for me. I didn't have to know where anything was. All I had to do is ask for it.

When I started on my own selling insurance I was lost. I use to do what John wrote. (John, you left out dusting the office. That alone can take several hours.)

I was totally unorganized and was wasting a lot of time and money. So I did something about it. I probably "over designed" that plan also but if I ever run into any elephants I am ready for them

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