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I'm a few weeks from taking my state exams; I'm in Minnesota, btw.

I'm wondering, who do independent agents contact if they want to contract with a carrier and sell its products?

Are most carriers captives?

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking to seel health, or life or something else? Many carriers will contract you directly, but depending on the product, you can probably get as good of a contract, with some decent support.

For example, if you use an mga for life, most of the reputable ones are all stacked at about 80-100% for term, with various incentives. If you go direct, you won't get more than that without some serious production, but you get no support.
All the contracts that I held when I did health were through an IMO.

If you contract direct, then you get a packet in the mail and a "go gettem"

If you go through an IMO, then you can probably get some local support / training, maybe some leads, and other perks.