Newspaper ads for life insurance. Effective?


I was thinking about running an ad regarding life insurance in our local paper. The ad would focus on traditional (non-securities) products. I want to offer a policy review.

I was thinking some lines like this:

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance coverage and policies?

Do you own a life insurance policy that is not performing as expected? I can help you analyze your policy.

Do you own a term insurance product? I may be able to find you a better rate.

Tell me what you guys think. Have you ever run an ad? What was successful? I am also thinking of developing some door hangers to distribute when the weather gets cooler.
Some guy on here has experience as a writer, I'll leave that to him. But, repetition is the key to getting responses.
Pizza box ads. Hmmmmm

Momma Cass died of a heart attack while eating a sandwich. Could just as easily have been a pizza.

Photo shop a picture of Momma Cass eating a pizza, then grabbing her chest. Below that put this caption.

Need life insurance? Call 404-555-5555 for a QUICK quote.
u can write somewhat like this
here are three ideas
Are u looking for a flexible life insurance policy?
An insurance policy to serve ur financial and insurance needs?
Are u prepared for uncertainties in life.?
As I previously mentioned...Put term rates in a 5-year bands. For example:

35 male $176

40 male $219

45 male $256 etc...

Readers like grids and charts. When it comes to insurance, they don't like text.

If you don't have enough Life Insurance your Wife and Kids
will be sleeping in the streets if you DIE today! They will eat out of Dumpsters!
Your daughter will have to become a Prostitute because your wife is to ugly!

Call me today!
Rates starting at only $35 dollars a month for $500,000 for a 35 year old male
Super Prefered
Non smoker