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A little over a week ago a lead came in. I sent my introductory email like always and followed up with a quote.

I noticed he opened the quote within minutes of my sending it so I called.

I got his voice mail so I left a message.

I tried back later that day and again the next day.

Voice mail.

I waited a week and called again. In the interim I mailed the quote again and sent more information via separate email.

It appeared the lead was dead.

Yesterday I decided to call again. This time he answered the phone.

Seems he applied online with eHealth about the same time as he was searching on the web. He thanked me for calling and wanted to know what I could do to get Humana to expedite his coverage. Seems he checked online and found that Humana showed the status as inactive.

I told him I probably would not be able to get any information since I was not his agent but promised to call any way.

So I called . . .

My rep checked and found he had indeed submitted an app with eHealth on Halloween . . . the same day I got the lead.

Humana called 11/2 for the underwriting interview. Apparently he thought they were another agent so he blew them off.

They pulled his application.

When we talked yesterday he was steamed to learn that Humana had pulled his app. I didn't say why they pulled it but perhaps I implied that his agent had done so for reasons unknown. (He was already steamed at them for not having any more follow up communication including no response to his calls & email. Yeah . . . I am surprised too.).

I gave him some information about the plan he applied for and sent him a link to apply with me.

He completed the application last PM.

Looks like he should fly through underwriting. Premium is $386 so it's a nice hit.

You never know what will happen when you make just one more call . . .

Who says eHealth is competition?

Not me.
Nice going.

It is nice that he even filled out the app himself. Is it just me or is that Humana application brutal?
ReadNotify can be used on any email. I use Quotit and can tell (via ReadNotify) when they opened it as well as any other correspondence.

I don't see the Humana app as any different. If you want a brutal app, try World.

He had already filled it out once for eHealth. Unfortunately, he did not save a copy and (of course) eHealth never bothered to send him one.