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I assume many (some?) of you use a postage meter. I currently pay about $50 per month (just for the meter), which of course does not include the postage.

PB has a new model out that will cost a bit more but does have a built-in scale.

I was just curious...what do some of you do for postage meters? Are there alternative companies I am not aware of?

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A couple of years ago I went with an outfit called Stamps.com. You could print meter-like stamps directly from your computer. They even threw in a scale. My mailings decreased, so I went back to using U.S. Postal stamps. I understand that the USPS now has system whereby you can download postage from your computer. Sorry that my info is not up to date. I am thinking about going back to Stamps.com (if they are still are around).:embarrassed:
Yes, Stamps.com is still around. I have used them for several years and love it. I think it gives a more professional look than stamps and I don't have to have all different denominations of stamps on hand. Plus I HATE standing in any kind of line, especially at the Post Office! Word of note: if you go to sign up for them their basic service is something like 20 bucks per month. But, they had (or at least used to have) a limited service, which I still have for 7.99 per month. I am limited to purchasing no more than 25 dollars of postage at a time, which is no problem. If I am sending a standard letter I use a first class stamp. Anything else I use Stamps.com.
I use Stamps.com right now. Easy and convenient and it's $15.99 a month. Probably not the lowest rate but it works for me.

Plus I got a free postal meter as well.
If you purchase a Dymo label printer, you can buy postage and print stamps with no fees - monthly or otherwise. Just need to buy the roll of labels. You get a starter set but can get more cheap on Ebay.
I know labels are cheaper, but I'm used to the "electronic stamp" look.

It might be that PB has some type of agreement with the Postal Service, beacuse I have never seen another meter sold by another company.
Pitney-Bowes and Stamps.com both have to have an authorization from the Postal Service. I am happy to hear that Stamps.com is still around---their service and ease of use was great. I did pay a fee of around $15.00 per month.

BTW there is at least one other postage meter company; however, I don't know the name of the company. I believe it is an Italian company. Occasionally I have seen their meter mark which is somewhat different from that of PB.

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