Primerica..OK...will next?

pfsthib said:
Ripoffreport is now recommending Primerica. Can't use this site to discredit Primerica anymore. Will NAA be next? Sti what site will you now use?

Yea I saw that not run across PA very much and when I do it was a friend or relative that sold them....and by the same philosophy by term and buy the cheapest term .....and you can always direct people to the site saying they had so many complaints that the company had to shut it down.....

btw ......NAA RIPOFF.....
pfsthib said:
Sti, I am getting my Texas license. Maybe we can do lunch one day.

tell you what.....load up a couple hundred pounds of crawfish and I will cook you lunch..........and bring some boudin.........

it is like a sausage. It has rice, meat and seasoning in it. Very good. Like a rice dressing in a casing.