Question about my Life Insurance Leads


Super Genius
Good morning everyone, I have been in this wonderful industry for about a year and I am doing very well. I am a licesned LAH, I mostly market health benefits, however my question is this. I am now financially stable enough to start buying my own leads, doing my own advertising, etc... When buying internet leads particuarly Life (I am going to try to sell more life) what are some good options in reference to buying life internet leads? I have some good and a lot of bad in reference to netquote. I look forward to your suggestions. Merry Christmas to all!
There are a lot of life leads out there...

Of people who are dying.

Who wakes up and surfs the net for Life Insurance?

Good luck - we just cross sell, I have no idea how to attack this stand alone.
Life insurance is a tough sell via internet leads. It can be done, but I have never figured it out. Getting someone to feel a real sense of urgency is hard. Telling someone they have to pay more than $10 a month for a $1M policy even though they heard it on the radio, is a losing battle.

Cross selling is the best way to deal with this.