Rx Lists - AEP


As to why - for the client that emails "nothing has changed" I can then say, "ok, we have these 4 on file - just confirm" rather than them re-sending.

I don't mind asking them to redo the list yearly. But just thought this might be easier for the inevitable "Scott can you check on my plan it's all the same" emails.

ie "Ok, confirm list?" rather than "ok, redo list."

But I think the safest is to just ask for fresh list. I use a hushmail form that's HIPAA compliant to gather Rx's.

"Nope! That gets into the rules out of DC. I need a new list each year"
Well the toothpaste is already out of that tube!

Does anyone know if it's HIPAA compliant?

No but a work around is to have them give the thumbs up to "ok" it.

Look at what Walgreens does - they text Rx refill reminders, Rx ready reminders, etc. They just have people OK their disclaimer.


You agree that Messages may include protected health information about your prescriptions, including the name of your prescription. Whoever has access to the mobile phone or carrier account will also be able to see this information. You acknowledge and understand that Messages (including text messages) are not a secure means of communication, and any protected health information that may be contained in our Messages to you will not be encrypted. This means that there is risk that the protected health information contained in Messages could be intercepted and read by or disclosed to, unauthorized third parties. Use of alternative and more secure methods of communication with us, such as telephone, fax, or the U.S. Postal Service are available to you. If you do not wish to accept the risks associated with unencrypted Messages from us, please follow the instructions below to opt-out of this program.

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