SalesGenie - a word of caution

I just talked with a sales rep as well.... The thing that I don't like about this company is the up front cost to start. I was attracted by the $75/month, as I really dont need to download all my leads. If I could view them on the computer, and then copy and paste the info for any actual leads generated into my ACT program, that would work fine. I'm having some issues with goleads, so I figured based on your comments above J.R. that I would give them a call. The $75 though is a monthly cost - To get started, they wanted to charge me $225 for set up/first month and then $75/month there after. That to me is a crock.... I told the rep that I had no interest in paying a set up fee, and that if they decided to waive that set up fee I would be happy to try their service at $75/month. We'll see what happens....

I really hate set up fee's when it comes to list companies. It just plain doesnt make sense to me. The $150/month was the same situation.... I believe it was $400 something to start. I could understand maybe a minimal set up fee.... but $150? That's pretty ridiculous! Oh well... for now it's back to goleads, and people's home phone numbers! :err:

Any other suggestions for list providers out there??
Granted. There's nothing to set up. After you pay you simply have access to the leads. To be fair, even Goleads has a $20 "activation" fee. There's nothing to activate. Once I pay I simply download the CRM and least list. But I'll take $20 over $225.

What kind of issues are you having with Goleads? They've been working fine for me.
Yeah... the $20 set up with goleads I can handle. I actually even have 2 go leads accounts because I had a telemarketer using one a while back. I just seem to be running into a lot of numbers disconnected, wrong contact name, home phone numbers where there is no actual business, etc. It's weird... I've never had these issues before. Maybe I just need to download another list? It gets frustrating when I actually motivate my ass enough to pick up the phone for a couple of hours and run into one issue after another with the list. God knows I don't need any more excuses for why I SHOULDN'T make calls today! :D
Lol. I haven't had any of those issues, nor have my marketers with Goleads. We deal with an extremely low amount of disconneted/bad contact info. I think the only thing SalesGenie light has on Golead is the 1-4 instead of 1-9 employee size.
"Cheap leads aren't good and good leads aren't cheap." Now cheap and affordable are not the same word. Nor is expensive and good. This was something my mentor taught me when I first got into this business of Direct Marketing - many moons ago. Most will just make the mistake and hopefully learn from it. Why do you think they lock you into a contract? Because by the time you realize its useless for you, you are stuck in it for 12 months. Call me or email me if you need something GOOD to call on or mail. No contracts. Real advice. Best of luck

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