SalesGenie - a word of caution

And...calll or email me if you want the BEST advice! Many of you know about the 50,000 member strong group that has been created.
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Just a word to think about. I am not saying who but I know of someone that has an account with SalesGenie and has several agents under her. She tells everyone to go and never download but copy and paste. Unfortunately there is a limit. You can only click on pages and see about 1200 names a day. But for not paying for it and having those numbers to call is a nice treat.!!
Can someone tell me if both Salesgenie and GoLeads provide email addresses? I am in the software industry and would like to contact businesses by email.
I think if you just want to make calls yourself SalesGenie light for $75 could be the way to go. It's 1-4 employee size instead of 1-9 and you can choose records that only have contact info. It's true that a small percentage of Goleads don't list the owner. I skip those leads since it doesn't matter - just click to the next record. I've found it's a waste of time to call and ask "Is the owner in?"

Hi have you tried List Giant? They are a new site that I have started working with and I love them! its about 2.7 times cheaper than Sales Genie and they just added an entire mortgage section. Its awesome because I am looking for extremely specific leads and they allow me to find the cleanest leads that are exactly what I am looking for. They gave me a FREE 200 lead trial first which was the only way that I actually gave this company a chance, and boy am I glad I did I have saved about 2k per month on leads and improved my revenue by about 22.5% a month!

Shoot me an e-mail and I will give you the reference code that she gave me to get the 200 free leads. [email protected] :yes:
Just signed up for SalesGenie after my guys ran through a list of leads, anyone have any recent experiences with SalesGenie?