Semi-open call for insurance articles


As several threads suggest, it can be quite confusing for new users to navigate the old threads, as there is a lot of cross posting, change of direction, personal drama and other issues, so we would like to generate some articles that sum up some of our various ideas thoughts and posts. An article can be written geared towards consumers, or towards agents. It can be about purchasing group health insurance in Wisconsin, or it can be about how to make follow up calls to ltc leads, or what it is like to be a newbie selling senior supplements or anything in between.

The requirements are as follows.

1. You must have at least 25 posts, to submit an article. If you do not yet have 25 posts, you can wait a bit, we aren't going anywhere.

2. The articles must be grammatically correct. Very few of us are professional writers, and that fact should not discourage anyone. There are enough people here, or in our personal lives, that we can all give it a shot.

3. The articles can be publishes under your real name, or under your member name, whichever you want.

4. You may link out to your website in, or after the article, so that people can get more information about what you do.

5. You may post a number of email address where you can be reached, should any readers wish to do so.

6. As with the posts in the forum, the writer will own the copyright of their article. They may repost it somewhere else, without anyone else's permission.

7. The forum reserves the right to advertise on the articles pages, as with the forum pages. By submitting an article, you agree to this fact, and have no claim against the forum.

8. You may remove your articles at any time, for any reason.

9. If we feel that an article may invite trouble to the forum, for instance it bad mouth's a specific company, we may remove it immediately.

10. The forum reserves the right to reject any article for whatever reason. Should this occur, the writer may subject that rejection to public reaction, in a thread.

11. I am the sole arbiter of what can and cannot be posted. If anyone has a problem with any articles, please address it directly to me.

12. Be cognizant that your article may rank in the search engines for your name, should you attach it. Write as you would like your potential clients to see you as.

13. In the same vein, by writing a thoughtful and well written article, you can send a link to your prospects and they can see you as a legitimate authority on the subject. Please bear this in mind when writing and editing your articles.

14. The articles may not be a long-winded advertisement. If you wish to tout something that you have to offer, please be clever about it, and cloak it in some actual information.

Feedback and ideas would be much appreciated.
Awesome! I would like to suggest a "how-to-get-started-in-the-insurance-biz" section. :) Maybe a running list of resources- books, websites, etc. for newbies.

*thank you*