I'll chime in a bit here because SEO is a bit of a shell game, in my opinion.

It is important - however, keeping your eye on the actual ball is going to be difficult. Create feedback loops for your customers will help you build a "brand" for your business, with fresh reviews.

You should also build a small email loop to help people understand your products and you. So much business is based on your personal connections to folks, so I would recommend that a fair bit. Can you automate some? Absolutely.

With ChatGPT type services, it can help you leverage your skills so much more. I would be hesitant to use a service that is charging such high fees without some track record.

Have a site? Be sure it's not just a placeholder, but allows people to go into at least a basic sales funnel so you can contact them, and contact them often with useful information they are looking for.

People looking for answers are looking for friendly to point people they can trust. Does your content convey that?