Sources of Internet long-term care leads


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Does anyone know of a company that sells Internet-generated long term care or Medigap leads?

I've sold auto and health leads to companies like NetQuote and iLeads; they, of course, resell the leads to agents. However I haven't been able to find a company that works with long term care.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Simple! Google "long term care insurance leads" and start interviewing the lead vendors...and I DO MEAN INTERVIEW THEM...KNOW THEIR AGREEMENTS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. Compare, compare, compare them. Don't for one minute think they are "similar"...NOT!!!!!!!!!

Know these issues COLD:

Exclusive or shared leads (either can work for you, if you know how to work them and price shop for them)
Key search engine ad campaign placements (stay with the top 3-5 predominantly among Google, Yahoo, etc)
Bad/Bogus lead replacement policy
Lead flow interruption policy (on vacation, lead sabatical...)
Minimum daily lead purcahse requirements (none is best)
How leads are generated by lead provider (pop-ups, banners, prize offerings, enticements)
Refunds for early termination of service (how much of your money do they keep or return to you vs. credits on account, etc.)
Do they buy leads from other lead vendors or create all their own leads in-house (better lead quality control if the later)
BBB (Better Business scores for all states)
Complaints filed with states attorneys general ( you could be quite surprised with this one)
Lead transfer speed, method and lead avail. notification to you (real time email, delayed receipt/availability, etc.)
Customer service / tech help by phone (very important) For me it's no customer service rep, no dice)
Personal web access to your account, A MUST.
Limitations in lead contact time period (none is best for future drip-mail marketing)
DNC verified phone numbers
Availability of selecting lead filters (tighter demographics for you if available)

Unfortunately, there's much more, but I'm tired!!!

This all takes time and I actually recommend the beginner set aside $500-$1000 and test market 2-3 more prominant lead vendors. KEEP GOOD MARKET TEST RESULTS!!! KNOW YOUR ROI FOR EACH!!!

Hello everyone! I am new to the board . Any suggestions on how to grow your business? Where are good leads available? What is easier to sell life or health?

I've had some luck by posting a search for a telemarketer on to outsource my telemarketing and generate medicare appointments. It isn't as effective as if you did it yourself, but in many cases you can find companies that already to it for organizations like United Health Care. If you sweet talk them you can get them to give you the script - or create something similar - then just duplicate their efforts. It costs about 5 bucks an hour for manpower. It has been a few years since I did it though, I hate selling Medicare so I stopped.

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