Started Scratch Independent Agency in NY almost 1 month.

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Starting a scratch agency, in this market, in New York, for auto and home insurance - are you nuts? This business is all about prospecting/referrals and keeping the pipeline full of quotes. To start out new with no one to quote and not kowing how to get them is backwords.

What companies do you have in your quiver, are they competetive, and do you have binding authority with them? Focus on these carriers appetites - what are they writing.

I suggest avoiding the single auto's/high risk market and always seek to package. Too much maintance in this business and you will lose money servicing the crap auto insurance market. Hopefully your financially prepared to starve until you get to at least $500,000 in premium and consistantly writing.

I use to believe that even a blind squirrel can find a nut. Just don't be this squirrel!
OUCH!!!!!!! :confused: