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Super salesman or heart attack victim at 40? You decide.

I think it's great! We need people like this. However, I didn't hear much about his family life. How many school events did he attend? How many family vacations did he go on, with the kids and spouse?

I learned a lot from the article. It taught me a great deal of what NOT to do, if you want to be happy, and well-balanced.

He has a goal, and is working each and every day to achieve it. He is a motivator. He is a successful business owner, salesperson, and time-manager.

The reason I walked away from that type of stress was so that I could attend Open Houses at school. Band recitals, football games, basketball games, long weekends, when we do nothing but hit the road, and let it take us wherever.

I think his story should be a motivator to all. We can all learn something from him. There are days when I SHOULD telemarket the way he does. But, I'd rather spend a bit more time with my clients and prospects, building relationships and getting referrals.

I agree with his "no advertising" policy. It eliminates the "tire-kickers".

I'll come back to this article, from time to time. One, to motivate me to get on the phone when I need to. Two, to know that there is more to being successful than making 10 presentations in 10 hours.
I am replying to the oldest thread on the forum. Almost 3 years old and as pertinent today as it was waaaaay back then.

So, what to I win?:twitchy:
A book by Al.

It is a compilation of the things in life that are positive and wonderful.

On second thought, it is not a book. I found it inside a fortune cookie.
I'll take a fortune cookie!
Does it also come with 2 year old leads?
How about a 18 month old job offer?
I'll take them all....please contact me at dummymcboob@ imclueless.dork
ps...I'm just trying to boost my numbers so I can pm
1 million
That " boost the numbers so I can PM" statement came from a guy who was replying to a 18 month old post. Can't wait to get a pm from him.
When do I get my fortune cookie? You can fax it over if you want.
I ate the cookie.

Don't think it would go through my fax machine.

I already have a lifetime membership in Chumps association. For a one time fee of $699 I got lifetime benefits.