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The Assuranc Group

A little over a year ago alot of their agents moved on.....one can only speculate........good rule of thumb is to proceed with caution.
Oh dear God, RUNNNN!!!! Ed Shackelford will change rules on you and never tell you about it! Ed has so much assets and money that he knows he can win if he drags things on long enough and you loose interest/money. This is one of those, "it's fine until something happens" sort of deal! Stay away from TAG and Parker & Associates and you will be that much better off! If any of the company you sign up has a contract with them, you should consider a new FMO! I promise you, you will not get a release when sh*t hits the fan!
dear bkrocko:
Can you send me some info on TAG?

I am currently contracted with an FMO in Western New York who has their contract thru TAG.

I haven't had any problems as of yet in 8 months I have been with them.

My FMO pays me my commission the next Friday after I write a MA policy and I enjoy this versus waiting a few weeks being a direct agent of a company.

Any feedback about TAG and what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

I use to work Telesales for UHG and am now a Field Agent since Aug 08. any general heads up info would greatly be appreciated.

Thank You,
Jamie Clark
[email protected]