The God of Life Insurance, Jack Jamison (Have you heard him speak!)

this takes me way back to the days of when some agents had to collect the urine sample for life insurance applications.

Me--age 22 & just married, I was prospected by Knights of Columbus Agent for Life. He proposed $25k & I upsold him to sell me $100k. He had me meet him at an Arbys to fill out the application & then set a collection container on the table & said I needed to pee in it. I said while I am young & have great flow & a really good shot, I wasnt sure I could make it all in the container in front of all the other customers, could I go into the restroom...................LOL--not kidding. He blushed from my immaturity.

Fast forward to 1998 when I was promoted to another region as a District Sales Manager & needed more life from the income boost. Had to go to a local Lab Clinic. Dressed in a suit & meeting the lab worker & their management as I would be networking with them & my agency. First impressions...............I was given a cup & went into restroom. Set cup on the small sink area & proceeded to knock it over on the floor causing quite the mess.

Anyway, not sure why I shared that, but your large mug of urine on the desk while talking life insurance gave me flashbacks I guess. He must be a great salesman to get another insurance person to buy life & fill up an entire half gallon of urine to be tested