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It looks like a regular retail store with sales associates and items to purchase like ... health insurance? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida opened Florida Blue, a retail store specializing in selling health insurance.

The store, located in the St. Johns Town Center, opened Feb. 26 and if the first three months are any indication, the concept of retail health insurance is a success.

“We are on track to exceed our projected numbers for the year,” said Jon Urbanek, vice president of sales and operations. “We had a certain number per month we needed to sell and we are exceeding that.

“We have sold 400 policies in three months.”
Looks like a great idea. Could be franchise opportunities - to bad they only represent BC/BS. Take the idea to the next level and offer all of the major carriers. Good food for thought.
That would take an amazing amount of start-up capital. After reading the article, they're selling about 33 policies per week and look to have around 3 sales reps in the store. That's 10 deals a piece - not bad for just going into work and literally having customers walk through the door.
It does sound like a great idea. Maybe by the time we get it here in Georgia (20 yrs from now), it will still be a booming business. I'd work there - easily.

It's like a car dealership for insurance.

Kudos to whoever thought it up.
Actually, Allstate thought of it years ago and it worked wonders. Drop off your hubby at the Allstate desk to shop insurance while mom buys the school clothes.

Years ago I know a guy who went to work in the Allstate "store" and did quite well. Then they got the big idea they could do better by moving out of the stores and recruiting brokers.

They never did get the same bang for their buck.
I think I need to scout out a location! The basic idea of a "retail store" can take on numerous modifications. This could be a "better mouse trap", I'll be you can start small and grow as changes are needed. Damn - I'm always a day late and a dollar short!
Barry -

Think kiosk.

Strip mall.

Any month other than November & December.

You could also do the same in a grocery store. Local Kroger has folks hawking cell phones.