Unicare Fit 2000


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What are the downsides of the Unicare Fit 2000. I don't have time to look it over today and wondered if anyone could just give me some quick answers on this.

No... actually not looking at Assurant for this customer. I'm just wondering why this plan is so cheap.

because unicare pays lower on ppo codes than other networks.....heres my card...

Why no HSA-compatible plan for you?

because I have kids that use it(alot) and I don't think they will let me switch to a lower oop then what I have now.....besides my daughters med's would be more out of pocket than the co~pays I pay now.....and I am not quite sure what happened but when my son broke his leg we had about 8 visits to the ortho surg that set his leg in the office for a $30 and every vist after that was with ex~rays (done in office) and didn't owe even a $30 co~pay said it was all taken care of...in and out did not put down a dime....so who can say what an insurance co. will and won't pay......

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