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What are your opinions on using a Voice Broadcasting Commercial Program to do your tele-marketing? I'm looking into creating scripts for for different products, and using a broadcasting system to make the calls. These programs are auto-dial, and have different options depending upon if a person answers, or if you get voice mail. Example. if a person answers, it will play a pre-recorded message advertising your product. The message can vary in any length of time of your choosing. It will then prompt them to action. Press 1 to speak to an agent, press 3 for us to personally call you back, press 9 to be removed from our list etc.. If it is answered by a voice mail, it will leave a message of your choice for them to return your call for more information. These programs use data that is already pre-screened for the DNC lists, and always have an option for people to opt out of your calling list. You can also cold call, and use your phone at the same time the program is running. You can turn it on, and off at will. For those of you who don't like your "Phone Voice", you can hire that part out to a Voice Professional, to produce your commercials. These programs can be scaled up to 50 plus phone lines capable of making thousands of calls a day. Software costs run from $800 and up, plus your data costs. What do you think?
I think it is a bad idea if you are looking for medium or high net worth people.

I think I'm typical of that segment and I would not buy anything from a 3rd party telemarketer or one that used a recording.

If you personally call and say "Hi Mr. Smith, I'm Joe Butz from XYZ Insurance calling about healthcare coverage" that's fine. I like the 'personal touch.' But if some dumb 'girl' who sounds 12 years old calls me or some *** who can't speak the language is on the other end, or if it is a recording, I won't do business with you... because to me you are a phone-spammer.

Others my differ.... YMMV.

If you are going to do this DO NOT ATTEMPT to do this yourself there are state and federal laws and it is a huge mess. Some states it is not legal to play recorded messages at all.

I have a company that does this if you need it PM me - it averages $1.50 to $3.00 to make your phone ring on live transfers. The call center I use has a capacity of 642,000 outbound lines - yes you read that correctly.

Outsource it - doing it yourself is a joke. When we tele market we have a minimum of 100 lines per agent dialing at once. Also most phone companies will cut you off if you are on their "unlimited long distance" plans. If you want to tick off your phone company start telemarketing. Outsourcing also has an archive of audio files, DNC, etc., Takes a lot of weight off your shoulders I am convinced it is hard to do it yourself cheaper if legal.

And yes you will get 5-10 F*** OFFS per hour and the ones that listen to you are indeed bottom of the barrel on the social economical scale.
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I outsourced this as well with the live transfer option like TX for final expense and it was absolutely the bottom of the barrel folks that do the live tranfer.

After a week I stopped it because of what it did to my attitude since I was only speaking with sick folks with no money from "the hood".

I have not tried it for health insurance however. TX have you tried it using a small small business list? What is the closing ratio currently?
Small biz and life seems to work fairly well - individual health I have yet to find a way to make this work, although I am still trying.

I suppose if I had a 100% no deductible health insurance plan with dental and vision for $20/mo and guaranteed approval - this would be a hot seller.

Quoting a tele marketing lead over $100/mo is a unique experience all in itself. $100??? "Is that PER MONTH????" for my family of 5??? lol...

Takes all kinds to make the world go around.
I agree that outsourcing is the way to go. I tied up a small fortune and endless hours tying to get all the bugs worked out on the over priced auto dialer software and still couldn't get it the way I wanted.
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How much more profit can you make with a sales automation solution?
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profit per apps/etc $100 $100
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labor costs (8 hr * 21 days *
$15 per hour)
$2,520 $2,520
Hosted Dialer with CRM $0 $400
Net Profit $1,680 $7,580
GP -

Couple of questions (and I think this should be posted in offers, not general discussion, but I'll leave that to the moderators)

- The $400 monthly fee - how many hours / how many lines of dialing does this include?
- Is the $400 per seat, per facility, or per user?
- You mention power dialing rather than predictive dialing. This gets around drop ratios to a certain extent, since it dials much slower. Why is this system a better value than buying the $299 power dialer solution and not having monthly fees (except to the telco)?

It sounds like you have a pretty decent solution to single agent call systems. A few screenshots of the CRM system would be very helpful.

I suggest 3 to 1 ratio dialers as you are always on the phone talking to someone. John P. reviewed it on his blog. You can see it here. Can I Brand a Health Insurance Agency Starting with $200?

Includes 3 lines- NO VOIP. These are Telco lines which means no delay or echoes. VOIP is less expensive but you get way too many hangups when people hear delays and echoes.

Can have as many users as you want. Only one seat per $400
No per minute fees
Very fast- you hear the hello everytime.
You will have to work 30% harder to make up for the hangups and dropped calls, so just spend the extra $100 per month.
Screen shots are on John's Blog