Wellabe FE from Great Western

Well I sure do miss their paper apps and their old E-App which you could do without an internet connection.

For the second time in the last week their system to validate bank accounts failed with correct routing and account numbers. The system gives you 3 attempts and if the system won’t accept the banking information you either have to ditch the app or use a credit/debit card.

Both applications ended up being submitted using debit cards.

I’m certain the banking information is correct (BTW,I have an account there too,my hometown bank).
I verified with bank statements and voided checks.

I wrote GTL on one of the spouses and their system verified and accepted the account GW’s E-App rejected.

So I called agent support today and was told by someone that they have a new verification system implemented 11/2023.
They are are using this new system because they were issuing to many policies and not receiving the premium for the first draft.

When I explained my situation in particular the person agent support repeated the same statement again with enthusiasm as if I didn’t understand him.

He didn’t care that the verification system was failing and had a “that’s the way it is” attitude and disconnected the call.

So it looks like they actually believe there will be much higher persistency using a credit/debit card.

I bet if you ask them they don’t even know what social security billing is ?

You cannot make this s**t up !

Not seeing what you all are... have two policies on my desk right now that need to be delivered. Hope I don't have that frustration or I would be inclined to pivot carriers.