What would you sell if Health Insurance went away?


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No. Cal.
If things get crazy and the socialists in government have their way and change the way Health Insurance is administered, in other words socialized medicine, with the broker cut out of the picture. Is it likely, no; but changes are apparent in the future. What they are, who knows. So my question is what whould you guys do or sell (insurance or financial products) if Health Insurance was not an option?
I've touched in this before but some type of change is inevitable. I doubt it'll be a single payer system but we absolutely could have a system in place that would kill our commissions. The worst case scenario is we're 3 years away figuring '08 elections, a bill designed, passed and implemented. What I don't want to do is be caught without a lot of disposable money if that happens.
By the way, if we go to nationalized health care, what makes anyone think that we'd be selling Med Supps? Maybe final expense but shouldn't the government pay for a decent funeral? It's certainly our right to die and it's the government's obligation to take care of the body.

Annuities would not be needed because with the high tax rates, tax deferred plans would likely go away.

However, once this all happens, I won't have to worry. I'll lose my retirement plan (renewal commissions), be too old to work (I'm 53 now), and likely wind up on welfare with everyone else.