Where to buy privacy liability insurance?


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I'm searching for a copy that sells privacy liability insurance. One of the insurance companies in our are is requiring it inaddition to E&O insurance. What is the best company to use for a business of 1?
Do you have a carrier that you represent or want to represent that is requiring the agency to have this in addition to your E&O coverage. The Big I's E&O program has an option for this if they write your E&O coverage. If you're talking about cyber coverage for insureds in general, most mainstream insurers today have products.
The carrier that is requiring it for all their brokers is Carefirst MidAtlantic. Right now it is for brokers who want to write group business but I was informed they will soon be updating requirements for brokers in the individual market also. One of the IMO's in the area sent me a link. It appears that CareFirst provides this type of insurance or uses a company to provide it. I'm going to get it from them to be sure It meets their standards.