who do you guys use for marketing organizations and why?

For MA's it depends on what you are after. The most lucrative MA contracts I've seen are exclusive, meaning that's the only MA company you can be write business for. The contracts I've seen with organizations that feature several MA companies pay far less. Of course I'm sure I haven't seen everything out there.
For me I have not gotten a mkt. org. that I am in love with. That goes for everybody in my upline whatever you want to call them. I wish that I could tear up all my contracts and just deal directly with the ins. co.

Every one of them in my opinion offers you greener pastures but it is up to the indivual to make it in this profession. For example I have a contract with mutual through a mkt. co. , in discussions with another mkt. co. that I have another co. through they said they could have given me a better contract but when I need something with either ins. co.'s I have to call the co. up(ins. co) to get anything I need resolved. So what I do is just go out and do my job to the best of my ability and not concern myself with the mkt. org. If anyone has had better results with their upline, I have not met them locally here.:skeptical:
I just talked to SMS (Senior Market Sales) today. Very informative. Had the info emailed to be before I was off the phone with them.

I am looking to offer the Continental Life MA tie in plan. We also talked about LTC in the senior market, and they have a carrier that does that if they are not up to par with the main carriers (Allianz, John Hancock, etc).

I am going to go with them for Continental.
I just think that they all will e-mail you info. in a nano-second but after they get my contract how soon will they help, that's what is important.
I would rather go straight to the insurance company but most of the time you can't. right? I think that marketing organizations should have to offer you more than what they do. Why would the insurance company let them have the contracts if the insurance company has to do the service themselves.

I was just wondering what perks each marketing place had without having to call them all myslef. I haven't found one that helps with leads or appointments. Its funny they all say to call steve wier at lead concepts for a discount.
Professional Planners Marketing Group (PPMG) is definitely worth looking into. They aren't involved with MA or supps but are basically a one stop shop for LTC, Life, final expense and Annuities and are contracted with many of the major players in each market. They will shop the quote for you and will get you contracted with the company if you aren't already, usually without an appointment fee. They can help with getting trained for many of the products but as with most brokers, you're on your own although they do have a helpful list of many of the lead companies.
I asked the head of one of my marketing orgs. this week if he had any ideas for prospecting. He quickly responded with "you know, I probably know the same techniques that you do". The thing is, he is probably right.